Sunday, September 6, 2009

SAVE FOR RETIREMENT! It's an Obamanation!!!

I see Senator Obama has made a good Republican suggestion --encourage people to save more for their own retirement funds!!!

Meanwhile, the economy is so bad --and he has so indebted us trying to fix it, that the 401K's he recommended don't seem like a safe place to save!!

On top of that, he wants us all taxed more --sure, he says, those making over 250K, but the reality is that every government agency and every utility and college is RAISING PRICEs, fees, taxes --you name it. Inflation is here and escalating.

How can people save for retirement when they can't afford the high cost of living now!!! Granted, we've been self-indulgent as a society for too long, spending up the credit cards. And now some of the elderly are in debt because the band played on! and those of very modest means are used to restaurants and Branson and Florida trips! And are unable to live by that standard now.

He says out of one side of his mouth that we should save to take care of ourselves in old age --and out of the other side, that gov't should provide everything for everybody. He says the death panels are a fiction --but I heard him say it himself, that end-of-life decisions should be planned with these panels.

My husband does note that it's the people who are completely dependent on government who want a "full code" --everything done for Grandma even though she's out of it; the people who pay for things put a "no code" on their elderly who are demented and no longer able to make any decisions or do anything for themselves or enjoy life. Who don't even know their own family anymore, whose health is so deteriorated that nothing really can be done to prolong their lives in more than a vegetative and/or pained state. There is a time to let nature take its course --but no one likes a bureaucratic panel "helping us" to make those decisions. IT's just one more panel on government salary interfering with our lives!

Gov't healthcare surely means more impersonal bureaucracy --like the overworked welfare case workers.

Private sector needs to improve in insurance policies --(and gov't is some of the hinderance for them --because of the lack of tort reform, for one thing)--and competition and free enterprise are the way to get better insurance coverage. Gov't hires and maintains inept employees and burdens everyone with paper work. In fact, much of the doctor office paper (and money for the paper pushers) is because of gov't.

"God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and have eternal life."--the Bible


Jeanette said...


When my mother took sick suddenly it was because she had cluster seizures. We don't know how long she lay there before my sister found her, but we feel it was 2 to 3 hours.

Eventually the neurologist said it was time to let her die of starvation because her body was maintaining all its organs naturally.

This neurologist told me she only interpreted tests but never told me who tested my mother, if anyone did. She never told me what tests she interpreted and saw her only once during the two weeks I was there.

My mother contracted MRSA in that hospital, and because I believe she would have come around eventually without the infection it is my wish in my medical power of attorney that if someone says it's time for me to die to have two other doctors from different practices give their opinions before I am allowed to die.

My husband and daughter have been instructed but I hope it never comes to that and that God will rapture me or I'll just die quickly. (Continued)

Jeanette said...

As far as saving for retirement, that's what my husband and I did our entire working lives.

We put our money in the hands of a very reputable financial adviser team and were told we would have plenty to live on plus leave a trust fund for our children and their children. These trust funds were written into our new wills.

After the market crash we were told we should take out less per month so we can have enough to live the rest of our lives.

The market has gone up and we are worth two-thirds what we were worth last year in June. We have recovered some of our losses as we were down to about 60% of what we have now, but if you don't work how can you save? You can't contribute to a 401(k).

Obama is taking us downward very quickly and if the majority of the people don't see that now they are blind.

Fortunately, I think the eyes of the people have been opened.

Jeanette said...

Forgot to tell you that my mother had seizures but the doctor took her off her seizure medications and had her on a breathing medication for her asthma that the people on the respiratory ward told us wasn't even used anymore, and the medical reference book plainly stated not to give it to seizure patients unless their seizures were under control.

And, no, my sister and I didn't sue mainly because the doctors and lawyers all stick together and we couldn't find a doctor to put it in writing, although they would tell us that contributed to her condition.

Tort reform is definitely needed but bad doctors need to be put out of business too.

Barb said...

I don't like "starving" as happened to Terri Schiavo who was enjoying her life, reportedly --limited though it was. That doesn't even seem like "mercy killing" to me --just killing. I'm for keeping someone comfortable if possible --even if comatose --but someone who is 96, demented and terribly feeble and incapacitated should probably not be getting bypass surgery and the like.

Jeanette said...

At age 96 they probably couldn't take the surgery anyway. At least treat their condition another way to keep them comfortable.

God will decide when someone dies and it's His decision alone.