Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Arlen's Town Hall Meeting! Poor Guy! He must feel like the dems made Geo. Bush feel.

HA! Turncoat Arlen Specter is being grilled by his PA. constituents today in a town hall meeting viewable on cable news. Remember, he's the Republican-recently-turned-Democrat who never met a liberal social issue he couldn't support.

Boy, are the voters mad at him!! and giving him WHAT FOR about: the healthcare plan; bailing out GM; not telling us who writes the bills; not reading the bills before voting; federal access to our bank accounts; threatening our pensions (with inflation and taxation), and Obama's biggest deficit authorization in American history --and passing the debt on to our children.

Someone asked him how come we tax-payers had to bail out GM for making cars nobody wants. (Well, actually, I like my '95 Caddy and the '04 GMC van.)

You almost had to feel sorry for the elderly senator facing the very angry folks. I hope he's up for re-election? I think the GOP may re-gain his seat --having never elected this guy as a democrat in the first place.

Heh heh. Feels good to see the shoe of persecution for imperfection on the other party's foot!

Problems aren't simple. There are no easy answers. But unfortunately, federal gov't with both parties is headed in the wrong direction. The Feds need to return power --and money --to the people --who, in America, have made for prosperity for the most people --while still caring for the needy.

But there is something wrong with the American work ethic and greed at all ends of the labor-management-board spectrum. We need to restore integrity and sound fiscal policy to American business and the workplace. As it is, both union bosses and corp.administrators are enamored with luxury outings, company cars, perks galore.

"God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and have eternal life."--the Bible


steve said...

The biggest deficit in US History was created by the Bush administration and the republican controlled house and senate over the last decade. That is an undisputable fact. You're not going hang that albatros around anybody elses neck.

Barb said...

So you don't agree that the authorizedspending of this administration so far exceeds the spending of all previous presidents combined --in terms of trillions of dollars??? Sean hannity keeps saying it and I think it therefore must be true.

Jeanette said...

Not just Sean Hannity, but many publications have said it. NYT, WaPo, LAT etc. None exactly friendly to conservatives. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out our deficit is higher than ever with all the huge spending bills Obama has pushed through his ever-accommodating Congress.

Barb, I think you summed up the rage of the people of this country when you summed up all the outrageous spending bills pushed during this administration and at the end especially of Bush's term. However, Bush consulted with Obama to see what he wanted so Obama wouldn't have to step into office with that "albatross" around his neck.

If Obama had pushed his health "reform" bill first instead of the stimulus and others he might very well have gotten it to pass.

As it is we are fortunate he waited and it appears he will get just a shadow of what he wants.

Just this morning his HHS Secretary, Sebelius, said Obama is willing to take single payer off the table in favor of co-ops, but we still need to watch out because it's just one step away from socialized medical care.

Allow the rest of us to join the same pool federal employees from janitors to the president have and we will be able to choose from a menu of options which one is best for us. The pool would be larger so the cost should go down per person.

Since they want to protect their own health care plan and not join what they are legislating for the rest of us, it seems only fair to let us join their plan.