Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Mr. Rogers, an Authentically Good Neighbor

by Rob R.


Here's an article on Mr. Rogers with many fun facts. For example, he was a friend of the first college-educated gorilla. He was a tough interview because he befriended reporters. He saved the VCR and he got into television because he was disturbed by pie violence. He also started every day with hours of prayer.


steve said...

I have a T-shirt with Mr Rogers saying "Your Special".

Rob R said...

Your special what? Your special T-shirt?

kateb said...

He was a great influence on a generation of kids.

A Presbyterian minister, Emmy award winner, Medal of Freedom winner, it just goes on and on.

He was a great man and a great testimony to God's grace.

Jeanette said...

Rob, I think Steve meant "you're special", a common mistake lately.

Mr. Rogers always told the kids they were special.

My kids grew up watching his show and my grandchildren grew up watching the re-runs.

He exuded love, patience and happiness and made stories to go along with it to show our children moral values.

A very good man.

Rob R said...

yes, I know jeanette. I was poking fun at Steve for his typo, and admittedly, hypocritically so since I can load a post with typos, way more than Steve.