Monday, August 25, 2008

OPRAH DOES IT AGAIN! Promoting Transgendering

I tuned in to what may have been an OPRAH re-run last week. Two families were featured in which the father had become a 2nd mother. A plumber who was always self-consciously "macho" --knowing he had a secret desire to dress as a woman and secretly maintained an expensive cache of female clothing and shoes. He had finally become a woman (still walking with a manly swagger) --and so his wife now refers to him as her "spouse." Said she resented a little that people now view her as a lesbian, but she is now her husband's soul-mate --there are no longer any secrets between them. She's gained a best girlfriend. The teen-age son said his main concern was that his parents would divorce --which he perceived as an even greater pain. Divorce does add injury to injury ---as happened when the homosexual pastor left his family to be with his male lover. {The Episcopalian church elevated him to bishop thereafter, which has caused a huge split in that church.)

The plumber's youngest daughter, around 12, wept in the video they presented of her--saying she missed her daddy and being Daddy's Girl. But on the show, she joined with her teen siblings to say it was just fine that Dad had become a second Mom --whom they still call "Dad" or sometimes "Denise" at home. They had been praised by Oprah and liberal community and school to think it was just fine if Dad "needed" to be a woman. No stigma. No embarrassment. Just a trip to OPRAH --celebrity status for their family.

The other couple were Asian doctors. The husband had become a very vain-looking woman. The wife did tear up and say she did miss her husband and how he looked and was as a man. Their little boy on video said, "I want my Daddy back. I don't want to have 2 mommies. I don't like being different. I want a Daddy like everybody else has." He appeared to be about 5 years old.

No comments were made about the sadness of the children or wife who expressed it. Oprah said it would sure be a "deal breaker" for her to have a husband transgender. She commended the spouses, children and neighbors and society in general for becoming more tolerant to such men changing to women.

So, why shouldn't these men be comforted in their transition, for becoming "who I really am"?

Because it is selfishness, clear and simple.

Such men are fixated on gender and wanting to be what their bodies are not. They spend huge amounts of money on their clothing and then will probably deprive the kids of a college education and other comforts while they spend a fortune on transgendering. Or their indebtedness will guarantee that we tax payers pick up the education bill. The physicians and other well-to-do couples will be able to afford the costs, but average folks will find that Daddy's transition is beyond their means.

I hope insurances and government are not covering such self-indulgent, unnecessary mutilation of healthy bodies in order to accommodate the mess between the ears of such people.

In church yesterday, we sang of loving Jesus more than anything else. We hear that His will is more important and better for us than our own. We sing of being like JEsus in self-sacrifice and service to others. We say, "Not my will, but thine be done."

These transgendering fathers, like homosexuals, are fixated on one thing --their desire to be what they are not created to be --no matter how it hurts the wives and kids and parents --no matter if it makes them childless and deprives women of marriage and children. I did not hear them say if they had more than breast surgery. We know of one transgender in Michigan who kept his equipment for his wife's sake. I got the impression these men on the tv show were having the total surgery, but it wasn't stated explicitly that I heard. Thereafter, then, the only kind of sex they have with the spouse is that of lesbians --a pitiful substitute for the real thing. The Asian doctor admitted to bi-sexual interests as a college student, but neither man claimed to want to be a woman in order to be with men.

It's no wonder we've come to celebrate such idiocy --pop culture's leaders, educators and psycho-babblers have been preaching self-esteem above all else and pleasing ourselves and being proud of ourselves for decades. And the latest message is that gender and orientation are fluid according to what one THINKS he wants to be or whom he wants to be with -- OR fixed at birth somewhere in the brain, contrary to the body.

I'm told there were some European studies showing that homosexuals' brains have some functional similarities to the opposite sex. We know that addictive activities and substances can alter brain structure and function. What is more addictive (apparently) than homosexual orgasmic living and extreme promiscuity of that lifestyle? I've no doubt that the Bible is true in saying, "AS a man thinks in his heart, so is he." And the verse is not a license for transgendering. It says we think sinfully --and thus, are sinners.

In the case of transgenders and homosexuals, if the brains are similar to those of the opposite sex, it may be that opposite sex thinking has programmed the brain. I repeat, "As a man thinks in his heart, so is he." IF a mother and father fail to provide normal role modeling and the daily presence and affection of the same sex parent for their children in their developmental years, perhaps their brains conform to the opposite sex parent's brain.

I'm not thinking that parents must be to blame for such abnormalities --because the culture itself has so much to do with sinful influence. However, Dr. Dobson believes that fathers, especially, must INTENTIONALLY help their little boys feel like "one of the guys," and spend both quality and quantity time with their pre-schoolers and not leave their upbringing entirely to Mom. There is to be opposite sex affirmation from parents, and same sex identification.

We are learning so much more about the brain's change-ability. Is it possible that when one is filled with the Holy Spirit and transformed by a conversion encounter with Christ, that the brain is RENEWED? "Be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind." My husband's grandfather easily gave up a very bad cigarette habit when he accepted Christ into his life. It was overnight. He was transformed by the renewing of his mind--a supernatural act of God. I remember a spiritual experience of my own at age 18 that really changed my personality in some ways --such that I was more outgoing, loving, less shy and self-conscious. I've seen that change in others after they believe, repent, and accept Christ into their lives. There is a new look in the eyes --a new warmth and confidence, too.

We hear of epileptic children now who have half the brain removed to stop incontrollable frequent seizures --and the other half of the brain takes over the functions of the missing half.

So our brains can be altered. "As a man thinks in his heart, so is he." The verse suggests we have a WILL that can choose how and what we think. Jesus suggests we are RESPONSIBLE for what we think, responsible for our sin. We also know it is inevitable that we have this sin nature --a mind inclined to sin. But we can be transformed by the renewing of our minds when we give our lives to Him.

Did we hear Olympians this year praising God for help in sport? No, we heard how proud the winners were of themselves --or how they did their best and were proud of themselves for doing that. You don't hear the losers tell how they stayed up too late partying or should've practiced harder --and maybe that's not the case. But we didn't hear winners say that they "PRESSED TOWARD THE MARK OF THE HIGH CALLING OF JESUS CHRIST" in the race of life. And maybe they were forbidden to do so. That wouldn't surprise us. Or maybe Olympics is all about victory for me --unlike the missionary star of Chariots of Fire, Eric Liddell, who said he felt the pleasure of God in Him when he ran --and said He ran for the glory of God. He refused to run on Sundays, as Sunday is "The Lord's Day."

I suggest that if we are fully committed to God, we will accept our bio-assignments to be male or female. There are birth defects and abnormal conditions in life from flawed genes --but so far, we have not found that sexual confusion in our culture has anything at all to do with our brains or our genes --but with "vain imaginations" and the selfishishness that is intrinsic to our sin nature.

"God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and have eternal life."--the Bible


mud_rake said...

Gosh, another post about sex. Have you been able to identify which life-experience moved you to the odd obsession with all things sexual? A therapist could help you become 'normal' once more.

Barb said...

And what is it that makes you obsessed with ME and my opinions on sex? Starting when I published in the paper. IT's the fact that you are just as concerned as I am about the topics that concern me --only you are on the liberal, anti-biblical end of the spectrum.

When you talk about obsession, look in the mirror.

St. Paul wrote that sex was such a powerful urge for people other than him that they should marry --lest they be tempted and fall into immorality. (I Corinthians 7, I believe) Jesus didn't give us any options to transgender or be with our own sex sexually --telling us, instead, that Creation established that a man should leave and cleave and be one flesh with his wife.

Our world is denying that the Bible is right on the matter of sex. SO many of the world's ills are results of ignoring God's admonitions on this topic --AIDS, POVERTY, ABORTION, FATHERLESS KIDS, sex slave trade, prostitution, much mental illness and sexual identity confusion, sexual orientation problems --stem from dysfunctional marriages, neglectful parenting, evil TV and movies promoting illicit and abnormal sex, adulterous and abandoning parents --and many end up in jail for crimes of passion re: sex. And many die from STD's like AIDS --which is completely preventable by sexual chastity and fidelity.

somebody needs to be obsessed about this topic --and spread the Word --that God forgives the repentant --and He has given us a path to eternal life --and HIS ways regarding sex are right --and healthy.

ShitStirrer said...

Mud Rake

"Gosh, another post about sex. Have you been able to identify which life-experience moved you to the odd obsession with all things sexual?"

Yeah, it's all she can talk about, sex, pedophiles, homosexuals, sex sex sex. And religion and god and jesus, naturally. She must be in desperate need for a good going over.

If only she talked more about sex and less about religion on Pourquoi Pas, she wouldn't have driven people up the wall.

Barb said...

What, SS? It's getting boring in France?

Barb said...

By the way, when Mudrake first commented on his blog about me and a letter to the editor i wrote, that letter was not about sex --I believe it was about the Blade's perception that voters had rejected the Creationist-sympathetic candidates for STate School Board. Far removed from topic of sex. I pointed out that no one knew anything about the state board candidates --so how could we reject them for their ideological bent? I tried to find out and could not. That was the substance of my letter.

mud_rake said...
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ShitStirrer said...
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Barb said...

Sorry, Boys. When you rake and post mud or stir excrement, chances are your posts will be too vulgar for this blog.

ShitStirrer said...

That's waht I call Good Wholesome Christian Freedom of expression. Not even saying ONE foul word but disagreeing with Barb earns you the right to be nuked.

Long live Born-Agains!

Barb said...

I believe you did say a vulgar word in reference to my posterior --remember??

And Jesus warned us not to call anyone a fool, which you did

Matthew 5:22
But I tell you that anyone who is angry with his brother will be subject to judgment. Again, anyone who says to his brother, 'Raca, ' is answerable to the Sanhedrin. But anyone who says, 'You fool!' will be in danger of the fire of hell.

You can repent.

I see you miss me over at PP --the fun of crucifixions, apparently

Matthew said...

>Long live Born-Agains.

Thank you, we will. Forever, actually. Of course, so will you but...

Barb said...

Are you a Matthew known to Rob and me??


Matthew said...

Indeed. A certain Presbyterian one.

Barb said...

Must be a slow day at the office when you make your way over here!

You are such a good writer, as I recall--no flattery--that you should have a blog, too.

Alot of our former church folks are on FACEBOOK connecting with each other --even our Austrian exchange student. I couldn't figure out how to finish registering over there myself --but some of my kids are there.

People are registered by their real names --but no one can see your whole site without consent to be "a friend." No strangers can sneak in uninvited, or comment, as I understand it.

Matthew said...

Actually, I am on Facebook, too. I had just heard so many people raving about it that I decided to join. It's been fun re-connecting with people from high school and college.

I don't mind using my real name around the blogosphere at all. I usually sign posts with my full name. It just seems more honest.

Barb said...

I wouldn't mind using my full name except I have run into such scary people --like Mudrake --who delights in posting my full name with address, pictures of my house and church --and makes his literal hatred no secret. That's kind of creepy, y'know, when a guy goes to so much trouble as to look up your house and church photos on the internet and puts them on his blog with vitriolic diatribes against me and all people who think as I do.
there are some unstable people out there!

mud_rake said...
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mud_rake said...

Yes, I'm quite the 'scary' person. you fail to tell Matthew the truth- but then, why should that shock anybody? You failed to tell him that I asked you over and over again to stop posting your anti-gay bigotry on my blog and, rather than complying with my MANY wishes, you dared me to 'BLOCK ME,' knowing full-well that I could NOT block your comments.

Why do you hide the truth, barb?

Barb said...

You're embarrassed, aren't you, Mud-rake? That's a good sign. I have hope for you.

The TRUTH, dear Matt, if you come back here to see it, is that Mud-rake hides his identity completely, and for good reasons. He writes scathingly of anyone who disagrees with him about ANYTHING -names the Blade letter writers with whom he disagrees, e.g. --which is how he started on me. I was a topic on his blog before I ever visited there and not for homophobia. A friend googled my name and found his blog. I think if a blogger is going to write about people, he should let those people respond on his blog --but Mudrake does not. He does not practice the first amendment. He wrote about me often and after he learned my position on homosexuality, eventually deleted me on every issue.

He starts out pleasantly enough toward conservative males visiting his blog, but soon emerges like a high school bully leading his tiny, like-minded clique --and when he sees he can't win them over, in the case of new conservative male bloggers whom he wants to impress --like yourself, he turns vitriolic. Oppose his thoughts, and he will start to scorn you --respectful disagreement is not in his experience -- he especially enjoys focusing on me. He's more respectful and fearful of men. I think he's probably some disgruntled, hyper-liberal ex teacher from my Anthony Wayne school board days.

He used to post endless spam on MY blog on obsessive compulsive disorder --the mating habits of birds and so on --really.

It never mattered what topic I commented on at Mud-rake's blog, nor in what spirit, he got so he deleted anything from me.

Once when he closed his blog I expressed polite and sociable regrets, but he deleted those too. I've tried Christian kindness, only to get burned. But I'm willing to do that --and bury the hatchet and be sociable with Mud-rake anytime.

His greatest fury and intolerance for me are all about: orientation and gender issues --and the Religious Right, who are Nazis in his book, mainly because of their stand on the orientation issue. You would think he might be homosexual, himself, since he is so hot on the issue --but he claims to have a wife and children.

But I would offer an opinion on many other topics at his blog, and he would delete those, too --just because it was me. The lack of free speech and diversity in comments allowed at his blog, shrinks his comment numbers and readership considerably. I rarely check to see what his 5 long unhappy rants a day are about anymore.

His claim that I am guilty of anti-gay bigotry is based on his refusal to see that the American public has valid, common-sensical and public health reasons to promote the traditional definition of marriage over any other --and to try to find ways to prevent gender and orientation disorders in children. To him, this view is bigotry. To me, it is consistent with our Creator and His plan for us --as His plan, as you know, will give us the most satisfaction and happiness in life, here and now and eternally.

I know God loves Mudrake --and I've forgiven him his attitude toward me --but I don't think that means I should not tell the truth about our history when he comes over here to be rude.

I'll have to think about that --I haven't been praying for he who despitefully uses me and says all manner of evil against me falsely --for righteousness' sake.

but the sentiment of forgiveness is there for him in my heart --if I were to ever meet him --if he would come up to me somewhere and say, "Barb, I'm Mud-rake." I'd be delighted to meet him--but I would also be apprehensive, wondering if he had a weapon.

Barb said...

I thought there WAS a way to block a blogger. Are you sure there is still not? Moderating comments is one way, of course, and not difficult. But contributors don't like to wait to see if you'll post them or not.

Deleting is very easy.

My comments on your blog were no excuse for all the intimidation tactics you used, spam, posting name, address, photos, writing about my church, featuring my blogs in your blog topics, ascribing hatred to me which was not the truth --all without letting me defend myself.

I've blogged about your views, especially when you wouldn't let me defend myself at your blog where you were making unfounded accusations of racism and bigotry of all sorts, but I let you respond on my blog --except when you spammed big articles on unrelated topics over and over again.

There is no excuse good enough for bad blog behavior. My refusal to slink away from your blog that was insulting me and people who believe as I do --just because you tried to intimidate me off --(You never politely asked, that I recall) --my persistence in challenging your untruthful posting was no excuse for your bad blog behavior.

mud_rake said...

Babylon, Babylon...

Matthew said...

Wow, it seems I've really stepped into something deep that's been going on for a while.

Barb, we know that God will bless us when we are reviled for His sake. We are blessed when people utter all kinds of evil against us falsely. We are to rejoice and be glad, actually, for our reward will be great.

Of course, the difficulty is in discerning if we are reviled and spoken evil of for Christ's sake or because of our loud-mouthed ranting. I'm not suggesting this of you, by any means. I haven't read much of what you've written here. It's just something to guard against.

Mud Rake seems like an interesting guy, but filled with rage. I stumbled upon his blog and liked one of his political posts. Specifically, I agree with him that the neoconservative hawks have hijacked the Republican party. That's probably where our agreement ends, though, because the solution is clearly NOT Obama. The solution is to bow before our Creator and this will begin in the church.

Barb said...

Yes, Matt, I, too think about that --when is a Christian being scorned because he is scornful and nasty and truly offensive and hateful himself, a thoroughly unpleasant person --and when is he scorned because he believes the Bible and tries to relay its truths on line, to a world that neither believes nor reveres God's Word and the moral teachings therein when applied to today's cultural issues.

I can assure you, that for Mudrake, believing the Bible and applying it in public to today's social controversies, will earn scorn from him. He sees any non-support of homosexuality, e.g., any Biblical prohibition, as mere bigotry and hatred for gays --no matter how often i clarify that this is not the case.

It was that issue which made him intolerant to me on any issue --but he also, in his first post about me, expressed his view of my school board years --I was just trying to "push her Christian agenda in the schools," he said and didn't have the good of the children at heart.

The truth is that as a school board member, one of my many different concerns, was to caution schools where my children attended, against promoting a secularist, humanistic world view which would undermine the faith and morals of the religious children. E.G., parents brought me egregious examples of undermining our faith and moral views in the AW classrooms --when an 8th grade teacher showed R-rated movies to underage kids --when the 9th grade health teacher showed a pro-gay movie on AIDS. When a 9th grade english teacher listed x-rated book on the supplemental reading list --and a Christian child said, "MOM, this is a dirty book!" (about incest, 3 in a bed, ch. 1 --as humor)

I figure Mudrake was one of those teachers or their friends.

We also did away with a drug program, Project Charlie, at our school --never approved it --because P.C.'s hired evaluator said the kids who came through the program were possibly worse at decision-making afterwards. And we found examples in the curricula for why --3 mothers on the board found them. There were no right or wrong answers and the kids were to learn how to say no to drugs and alcohol without taking a stand --like by throwing their drink into the toilet so no one would know they weren't drinking. Children's brainstorming was not filtered through any externally-taught values. Values were up for grabs on a smorgasbord table of choices --that could come from church, parents or anywhere. The program actually said, "No one but you can decide what is right for you." O brother! Will you teach that to your children? No --and I won't either.

Yes, we have choices --and we are the ultimate deciders --but the teaching implied that no one has a right to even teach you what is right --or wrong.

Matthew said...


Mud Rake knows right from wrong. It is plainly visible to him and everyone. He is suppressing it. We all did (and do).

He knows that homosexuality is wrong. God has given our nation over to the lusts of our heart. Claiming to be wise we are clearly fools. We've exchanged the truth about God for a lie and are worshiping all sorts of created things.

But we trust not in princes (or princesses as the case may soon be) but in the Creator and Sustainer of everything. I pray that God gives us leaders willing to "Kiss the Son" as required in Psalm 2. The same Psalm is also a great encouragement because it reminds me that His enemies are being made into His footstool even as I type right now.

Barb said...

I would probably stop in at Mudrake's or his new fundamentalist blog if YOU were going to get busy there. Otherwise, his one-sided readership with censorship holds no interest for any but his like-minded buddies.

You are right --Romans 1 explains a lot.

Is your church sending anyone to the Truth Project simulcast training seminar at Cedar Creek? I think the presenter has Calvinist and Presbyterian connections. Says he is a Presbyterian --and went to what I think is Calvinist school.

Rob will go if his studies don't present a roadblock--he's at u of mi. hospitals through the week as an intern in nuclear med tech. Says the geiger counter goes off all the time in the pharmacy where the radioactive materials are kept. Yikes! He thinks he's safe.

We will have a Truth Project Home AWay from Home outreach to new people at the U.who may desire a smaller church- home, away from home. We will hold a home group at our house for the Truth Project --12 DVD's.

(always hoping, too, to meet that grad student for my single daughter ! )

Matthew said...

No plans to send anyone to the Truth Project. We do a good bit of leadership training on our own, though.

Like I mentioned a while back, we've got quite a few single men at church. We're working on plans to add a second worship service on Sunday mornings, so maybe your daughter could attend a service at each place. :)

Matthew said...

I did post a couple of comments on Mud Rake's Fundamentalist blog under the title, "American Fascists: The Christian Right and the War on America."

Barb said...

Trouble is --she won't go looking or chase --Mr. Right has to find her---an old fashioned girl!