Thursday, January 3, 2008

YOU GO, HUCK! Tonight Show Gives Huck a Boost

Did you see Huckabee on Jay Leno last night? I was surprised at the boost Jay gave him by having him on his program when he did. Maybe it's a secret liberal agenda to make sure Huck is the nominee --because, when he is the candidate, perhaps they intend to dig up old sermons to scare away the alleged, so-called "moderate" voter --who is leery of real believers.

Huck was impressive -likable. He played bass guitar with the band quite well.

He said the nation was overly polarized between left and right and he looked for a candidate who could take the nation vertically, not horizontally to the right or the left--but up, not down.

He spoke against negative campaigning --but said it is important to defend one's record against exaggerations and lies --and out of that defense comes counter-attack --but he told how he pulled a negative ad for his own campaign. He complimented John McCain as a great American hero --and spoke positively of Obama as a sincere person, I guess --and didn't bad mouth any opponents. Good move!

Some will recall the cross made by the window panes behind him in his Christmas greeting commercial. He has also campaigned with "Christian" as label. And probably should not, per se. We know. Don't hit us over the head with it, Huck.

They will be all over him like rats on cheese if he is the candidate --for his 12 years in the pastoral ministry before he was lt. gov. and then gov. for 12 years of state administration. He lacks foreign affairs experience, but most of the candidates do, including Hillary. Very funny that she tried to get mileage out of a visit to a war zone --not mentioning she was with entertainers for the troops.

About taxes, he favors a consumption tax. I thought he was a little fuzzy here, though I think that's the way to go. Seems he said the poor wouldn't pay taxes that way--but of course, they would actually pay MORE taxes than they now do as they pay no income tax as it is.

There was weak applause when Jay announced Huck was on the show. But when Huck talked about gov't being the biggest competitor to small business with all their taxes and forms and fees, etc. --he got huge spontaneous applause.

He also takes flack for aiding Hispanic illegals in their college pursuit in his state --when they were raised here but not born here. There needs to be a more compassionate conservative solution for illegals who have been here a long time, who are assimilated and productive citizens --a better plan than deportation. Let the Labor Union Democrats bear the stigma of Grinch for promoting deportation. I should think we would all agree to secure the borders against potential terrorists and people who are criminals, who flout all our laws even after they get here.

"God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and have eternal life."--the Bible


steve said...

I like Huckabee, he seems a decent sort of fellow. I disagree with many points of his platform though.

What's interesting about him is that he is a TRUE Christian. And I'm sure that makes all the closet homos and Machiavellian crooks who run the republican party pretty nervous.

kooz said...

I like Huckabee...but completely disagree with his liberal approach to illegals. They are law breakers plain and simple.

I do like his idea of a consumption tax as long as it could be narrowed down to the individual.

I think his energy policies are vague...much like GW.

I agree with him on opposing universal healthcare...but he loses me on spending more tax dollars on "preventative" medicine. I'd rather see a plan that does not award those who choose to destroy their health at the cost of the rest of us.

I was a long time supporter of the Iraq War thinking it was helping our own national security. But, I now believe the Iraq War was unconstitutional. Also, the countries in the middle east have always fought and always being there only makes matters worse.

The fact that Huckabee is a Christian is good...but, I can see that hurting us as a country as well. The Islamic extremist and American liberals will constantly twist information that will constantly blame the "U.S. Christians" for every problem in the country and the world.

Barb said...

Yes, the illegals are illegal, alright. But start to deport and watch the media saturate us with all the sob stories of hauling off the parents and the grandparents of their respectable kids --and hauling off the respectable kids who came through the system here as honor students (there must be some! and media will find them! I already saw a feature on some really clean-cut students who were brought here as children, who are illegal, but impressive, assimilated and complaining that they can't get the help the legals get for higher ed.) --and be sure, the enforcers of the immigration law against the well-assimilated, productive, hard-working illegals will be made out to be the villains. Somehow, compassionate conservatism has to have a forgiveness route to legality or we will not win against the "bleeding heart liberals" in media. Too many of us are not big on "law" --though law is needed to guard the borders better and protect us in the future.

If our culture regarded law more highly, we wouldn't have so many violating God's obvious natural and moral law to have perverted sex with their own sex.

I guess Huckabee's preventative healthcare programs would be education against all the harmful American indulgences? We already are supposed to be able to tax- deduct exercise and weight loss expense --but you have to have enough health expense to equal a certain per cent of your income in order to count any of them. We never get to count ours. Can people deduct vitamins?

Seems we already have programs against drugs of all kinds and teaching on nutrition in schools --and those shouldn't cost anymore than we are already spending on the health teachers --and it will be futile--as always to spend any more than we already do--common sense being in short supply. Everyone thinks, "Addiction, obesity --won't happen to me!"

Barb said...

I sound more cynical than I feel about the reason for helping the illegals --if I don't know any, it's easy to think, "ship 'em back" --but if I know some who are good people, not crooks and shirkers, I will feel sorry if they don't get a legal route to stay.

Geo. Bush, being from Texas, knows some of those and recommended a legal remedy to help them. Huckabee must, also. It's the Christian heart responding.

steve said...

Exodus chapter 1 has a lot of good insight on how to shrewdly deal with these illegal folks. It's time to get "Biblical" on their asses.

Barb said...

You're not facetiously implying that the treatment of the Israelites by PHaroah is a Biblical recommendation for dealing with anyone, are you, Steve? Remember --the Egyptians were the bad guys behaving shrewdly by enslaving the Jews.

-Sepp said...

I'm for Ron Paul. Anyone else as far as I'm concerned is a second stringer...if that.

Barb said...

And if he isn't the candidate of the GOP, do you think he'll be a
3rd party spoiler?