Sunday, September 16, 2007


We went to the lake to close the cottage for the winter — the weather is getting colder so the water is, too. The men get in the water, wearing waders which they tell me are leaking, and my sons and son-in-law brought in the dock with my husband and his brother carrying the pieces to the garage for winter storage.

Then it was my turn to ride a seadoo to the marina –where it will be “winterized.” So I got on –and pressed the start button–and it went, “Chug- chug….2 feeble chugs in total and then nothing. Then just a beep with the oil light blinking (which light usually means nothing pertaining to oil) –every time I pressed the start button, the seadoo beeped. But no engine chugging– no turn-over. Seemed like a very dead battery. But we were due at the marina –so my son-in-law and grandson were going to ride the other one. He tied us together with a rope and we started across the lake. The waves from their seadoo were coming against mine with a lot of pressure –and sure enough, the old, not-too-thick rope snapped. And I was left to sit in the middle of the lake as they raced to the marina for someone to rescue my boat.

It was a gorgeous day, so I didn’t feel I was in any danger –and was not. And I wasn’t too cold, since I wore clothes over my swimsuit–but I waited and waited –and kept trying to start the engine and getting only the beep…beep…beep.

And then it occured to me to pray –I was in a praiseful mood anyway for such a gorgeous day with blue sky and white fluffy clouds and the fall sun in the western sky, birds overhead –it was fairly calm –somewhere in the bible it says God inhabits the praises of His people. I was feeling very praiseful toward my Maker for the beauty He has given us in this big blue ball on which we live–

In my praiseful reflections, it occured to me to pray for the Seadoo–that it would start. I put my hands on the key and ignition and asked the Lord in Jesus’ name to please do this little favor –because I knew He could and it would be nothing for Him to do this. Then I pressed the button and it went “chug…chug…chug chug chug chug –and then I choked it –and it went back to it’s dead “beep…..beep…..beep.” I pressed the button a few more times and it did the same.

Meanwhile I saw my son-in-law and grandson, 7, racing back toward me and figured the marina probably sold them another rope (turned out there was no one at the marina to do a rescue, so they loaned him a rope.) It occurs to me now that my son-in-law might have to get into the cold water to tie us together –maybe not –but perhaps he would have to maneuver around on the seadoo; it could be an unstable situation with his little boy aboard, with them tipping over and not being able to get back on the seadoo in the deep water.

Before they got to me, they disappeared around the peninsula to get gas. I didn’t know where they were. The grandson had reminded his father that they were low on gas, or THEY might have been stranded WITH me.

Meanwhile, I decided to ask God once again to please, in Jesus’ name, start this boat. And I prayed for it, touching the ignition again with both hands –and then pressed the button –and it again went, “chug…chug…chug,chug,chug,chug, chugoooooo! ”

And away I went –and I went like the wind! 40 mph over the water– singing the Doxology all the way! amazed at this. The chugging only occured after the 2 times I prayed. Otherwise, only the dead beeps.

And I had power and speed and got to the marina on time.

Meanwhile, the marina salesman came out and I told him my story. He told me later that the serviceman came out with a tow rope, thinking he’d have to tow my seadoo in–and the salesman told him, “No, it’s fine now; she prayed for it and it had a healing!” Sure enough, it started right up. Turned out the salesman is a believer. I thought so from his response when I told him.

I do think it was a battery issue–that the battery needed charging. But it wasn’t going to happen out on the water –except for a little divine power boost –from a God who is personal –who is tuned in to us –who delights in occasionally showing Himself to be real in the mundane situations of a believer’s life –to fortify our faith.

I would rather get miracles for cancer and other tragic circumstances –and I believe we have seen those as well–but we don’t always get our prayers answered. My father died of colon cancer despite my faith that He could be healed — but it was several months later, after his death had sort of rocked my faith, that my former college roommate living in Texas, who knew nothing of his death, wrote me to say, “The Lord has put you on my heart. I am to remind you about the story of Job (from the Bible.)” And so she did. And I was very moved that she wrote me out of the blue like that to give me a simple message that God was with me. That I was being tested and must persevere in faith. How did she know? The Lord laid me on her heart.

"God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and have eternal life."--the Bible


mud_rake said...
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Barb said...

A blogger commenting on my miracle said this --before he deleted it:

Rather [than] bothering God about your sillyxxx ship wreck in those shark-filled waters, why not pray to God to stop the killing in Iraq, Afghanistan and Darfur? Why not ask for a 'miracle' to end the starvation of millions on this planet who will die today? Of course, as we know, 'those people' don't deserve any 'miracles' because they are not Bible-believing good Christians like yourself.What a parochial simpleton you are!

It's not about who is deserving of miracles, Sir. I'm sure it helps to have faith in God, to acknowledge His presence, to praise Him, to reach up to Him in faith, to ask Him to act--and to pray in Jesus' name as well.

According to scripture, that is the generic formula when petitioning God.

As regards prayer to change the behaviors and stop the evil actions of others, God does not usually override the free will of sinners. However, He does sometimes, perhaps often, protect believers or help them triumph in contests with evil-doers and unbelievers in response to prayer. But even if we die, we have the comfort of belonging to the Shepherd. God can even use tragedy to bring more people to have faith in Him --to see His mercy in the midst of grief.

Christians are praying for global peace, for the Gospel to go out, for sinners to be convicted and converted. They pray that those who are miserable like the author who removed his comment will come to faith --and find joy and peace such as he has never known.

He is a friend --we can approach Him about anything.

"Draw near to me and I will draw near to you," God says.

This is good news --maybe not a panacea for every troubling situation--but a great comfort, nonetheless.

Barb said...

The whole formula for prayer --would include confession of sin -as in "forgive our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us."

But when we abide in the Spirit --i.e. having God's presence WITHIN US, we commune with Him often --He is there as conscience and guide.

YOU SAID something similar, Sir, on a previous blog or comment --that God resides in us. Yes, but as the Holy Spirit indwells the believer. We don't become God. We may be crucified with Christ in a sense, dying to the world, but we don't become divine beings, equal to Christ --but instead a living temple for His Spirit. If that leads to arrogance, then we aren't listening to the Spirit of the Lord.

mud_rake said...

Rather [than] bothering God about your sillyxxx ship wreck in those shark-filled waters

No, I said silly-ass. Are you afraid to print the word because god may zap you for it?

Scruples, scruples.

Actually I deleted it so that I could post an entire article about your near-death experience over on my blog. I'm sure you read it. Actually, I thought it to be rather good and I hope that some of my folks clicked over here to read your near-fatal waterboarding experience.

Just like Peter, that dumb-ass disciple, who tried to walk on water, your traumatic experience on the lake was turned around, so to speak, through the magical powers of God.

Too bad that God had to divert his/her attention away from saving some starving children somewhere on earth to save your silly ass.

Barb said...

Greater than any super-computer, God can give His attention to a zillion requests at one time. So don't worry, Muck-man, that I was diverting God's power from some more serious need.

No I don't use vulgar words and usually don't print them. It's because of the Biblical mandate to be people of "clean lips."

Yes, I saw your article about my lake experience where I can't comment about it on your blog because of your censorship.

I've dealt with it adequately here. People who want to chime in with you can do it here. Seems no one else is as interested as you are. Thanks for trying, however.

steve said...

Gha hahaha, you guys make me LOL. They say that opposites attract..

Barb said...

Yes, Mud rake and i do have some sort of relationship--whether he admits it or not!